Fotovertrag Leonard Cohen

15 10 2008

Und mal wieder ein Kandidat für den Online-Pranger – Herr Cohen… aus dem Vertrag, der gesunden Menschenverstand seitens der Fotografen wohl erstmal ausschließt:

Erstmal nur ein Song – zum Rest braucht man an sich nichts sagen..

All Photographs shall be taken only during Artist’s performance of the first one (1) song of Artist’s initial set and without a flash or lighting device of any kind. The undersigned shall not seek access to or otherwise enter any “backstage” areas or other areas which are off limits to general ticket holders. The undersigned expressly agrees not to photograph any other

images from any location at the venue or in close proximity of the venue. The undersigned (or his/her employer) shall be responsible for all costs related to the foregoing.

Dann natürlich die ausschließliche und einmalige Nutzung der Bilder, Management erhält das Recht alle Bilder beliebig für nichtkommerzielle Promotion zu nutzen (wenigstens nur nichtkommerziell).

Die Klausel find ich auch schön:

Should the undersigned fail to fully comply with this Authorization, Artist’s or UHTC’s representatives shall be permitted to confiscate and/or destroy his/her film and eject him/her from the venue, in addition to any other remedy of UHTC, Artist and/or any of the Subjects. The undersigned and the Publication jointly and severally shall indemnify and hold UHTC, and the Subjects harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, injury, damage and expenses incurred by any or all of them arising out of this Authorization and/or the undersigned’s attendance at the concert/venue. The undersigned and the Publication hereby release UHTC, Artist and the Subjects, and their affiliates and representatives from and against any and all liability arising out of this authorization and/or the undersigned’s attendance at the concert/venue.

Und Rechtsstand in Kalifornien… Dann leider keinen Cohen.