Rolling Stones – Fotoinfos

18 07 2006

Na, das nenn ich doch mal vernünftige Vorbereitungs-Informationen… Sebi, kann ich mir morgen für ein paar Stunden dein 300/2,8er ausleihen? Zwei Songs sind aber an sich schon mal wieder völlig daneben…

Show Coverage Media Opportunity

Shooting time: 2 songs
• Song #1, #2
• Approximately 9 minutes

Shooting locations: Song #1: directly in front of stage
• inside barricade
• on stage sub-deck
• RS 2-35 feet away (dependent on their stage movements)
• Sub-deck is 4 feet above ground level, stage is 3 feet above sub-deck level

Song #2: in venue at stage center
• inside barricade
• on the ground, in a line going back, along the b-stage track
• 60 feet from front of the stage

• Stage lights: bright white
• Spot lights: bright white
• Meter readings are the same all across the front of the stage

• Lit brightly after first song and during song choruses

• 80-200 leans close up + ¾
• 300/400 2.8 lens full length + band shots
• 14/17mm lens wide shot of stage

Legal release form:
Will be distributed for signature at venue during check-in
Must be signed before entering venue
Any special circumstances must be discussed/agreed prior to check-in

Electronic Filing: Not available

Darkroom access: Not available

Special parking: Any requests must be submitted to local promoter

Equipment storage:

Photographers with tickets to the show must arrange to store equipment outside the venue
Tour cannot facilitate equipment storage

Please Do Not:
Flash/Smoke/Use a mobile phone while shooting
Bring assistants or other persons
Bring ladders or boxes to stand on